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Executive Producer/Director Hardeep Girn

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In a property lease, there is a make good clause to return the property, as it was when it was first leased to the tenant, by filling all holes, repairing damage and cleaning up, before the return of the deposit or bond.

In just the same way, the world needs a make good clause, so that we leave the Earth in the same condition, and if not better condition, than when we arrived. World Made Good is about special people and organisations that are stopping further damage to the planet and where they can, are making improvements.


In recent years, corporates have increased activity in developing socially responsible initiatives, referred to as CSR, for the organisation. These carry favour with the public and other organisations, as well as internally creating staff purpose and values driven corporate culture, a key determinant in improving productivity and well being.

Some of the CSR work in national and multi-national businesses has aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (commenced 2015). These have been developed with 17 key areas which apply locally, nationally and internationally to lead to outcomes by 2030. Other CSR initiative include developing Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) with the Indigenous community. 

A number of corporates have the desire to help causes, however don’t have the means to communicate their involvement in 3rd party channels. Not all corporates are succeeding in CSR, and need help or a push. Those that are, can have filmed segments produced for World Made Good that helps tell the story of the cause and their involvement. In turn, the causes through charitable partnership with Know My Life and World Made Good are able to have their programs reach a wider audience.

Snippets from upcoming Homelessness segment

Show Structure

→ 4-5 minute intro and headline news 

→ 4-5 minute segments produced into 20 minute show on sustainable initiatives

→ Produced in collaboration with the cause (individual and/or NFP organisation), Know My Life and the business wishing to be associated with the cause

→ Australia focus only, with overseas content when presence exists


Full episode distributed online through social media and partner sites, followed by segment releases. The benefits of distribution through digital and social media channels is the reach and perpetuity of the content remaining accessible.

Associated, impacted and interested parties are tagged with each segment release. These are then available for viewing at any point in the future. 

The initial release schedule for World Made Good is quarterly, though some early release content would also be made available throughout the year.


→  Australian companies with CSR, Reconciliation Action Plans, signatories to UN Sustainable Development Goals, etc.

→  NFP Charities and Organisations

→  Government agencies

→  Services In kind/funding through businesses


→ Members of the general public

→ Employees and prospective candidates

→ Community for business development and strategic alliances, and recognition

→ Stakeholders and other equity partners

→ Federal, state and local government


→ Corporates wanting to support a segment pay for production (circa AUD$6-8k) and optionally PR which can include launch events (circa AUD$8-12k)

→ Corporates are able to supply services in kind for production in lieu of funding on a case by case basis. This can be across staff, facilities, functional areas

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